About Mystique Universal

Mystique Universal was established in 2006 and
manages international luxury brands

The company is a management company at its core, and operates in Starhill Gallery; Malaysia's most exclusively luxurious shopping destination.

Since its establishment, the company's focus has been to introduce some of the most exclusive, international luxury brands to the Malaysian market, specialising in high-end jewellery & watch brands.

Mystique Universal
Mystique Universal

Mystique Universal

The adventures
of a jewel in the world of gold

By Italian craftsmen who make it into a genuine, miniature work of art with a precious story to tell the world.

The fury of courage, the passion of love and vitality of hope are combined in a single, heartfelt message of goodwill hidden away in a little ruby.

  • Craftsmanship


    A perfect marriage of cutting edge technology, and centuries old techniques

  • The Ruby

    The Ruby

    The ancient world of legends held in a magical signature

  • Collections


    Over 900 pieces to choose from in our Kuala Lumpur boutique


  • Brand Presentation

    Brand Presentation

    In partnership with Standard Chartered Bank - Luncheon

  • CNY Celebration

    CNY Celebration

    CNY Celebration in conjunction with the visit of RC Area Sales Director - Mr Philip Grima


Intern Testimonials

  • Shaddai Foo

    Shaddai Foo

    I started my internship with MUSB on January 15th, 2018. Before that, I just completed my SPM examinations and was working part time at Baskin Robbins, AEON Alpha Angle. I was scheduled to intern until March 15th in Roberto Coin, when I would get my SPM results. I only did my internship for 2 whole months but the wisdom and skills I’ve learned here I can carry for a lifetime.

    I have learned so much from my mentor, Mink Ong during my time here. I cannot forget the first advice she shared to me on my first day as an intern, which is to never suffer in silence. She along with the rest of the lovely staff members guided and supervised me as I did my duty as an intern. Another lesson that resonated with me till today is to never be sloppy and to be an overachiever in every situation, in school or workplace. I have learned many hard and soft skills during my internship, and more invaluable lessons I cannot get anywhere else.

    Other than the boutique, I also interned in ULC (United Learning Centre) for a few weeks. It was an eye opening experience for me as I learned about the background of the children in that centre. It taught me to be grateful of what I had and to be patient when teaching them.

    In conclusion, I highly recommend anybody that is looking for an internship to try out at MUSB. It’s truly an amazing experience and I’ll definitely cherish each moment I have there.

  • Carissa Ho

    Carissa Ho

    Roberto Coin Intern (Oct 2017 - Feb 2018)

    To say that my internship with Mystique Universal has been an amazing experience is an understatement. My journey as an intern with the company started when I was volunteering with United Learning Centre (ULC), teaching Myanmar refugee children a daily curriculum of Math, Science, English and Social Studies.

    With ULC being Mystique Universal's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project, I had the opportunity to balance a daily routine between the top and the bottom of the social hierarchy in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. This rather peculiar yet exhilarating experience allowed me to gather my thoughts each day, contemplating the vast social inequity that exists within the sociological system of Kuala Lumpur, and how I, as an individual, could help in the future.

    Moreover, what made the internship even more enriched was the guidance and mentorship provided by the team at the company. My questions and occasional confusions were always welcomed and corrected in a way that made me loved doing what I do every day. The Managing Director, Ms. Mink Ong's hands-on approach in managing every minute detail of the luxury retail brand has been truly inspiring. She never ceases to take time to personally teach young interns the basic lessons in the luxury industry such as customer relations, the importance of attention to detail, life values, etc.

    I believe that the knowledge and experiences gained through this 5-month internship have been truly indispensable. This experience has not only allowed me to mature as an individual but see the world with a different perspective. As Steve Jobs once said, " Learn continuously, there is always 'one more thing' to learn." There will be many lessons, new relationships, new seasons and new experiences to come, but my time at Mystique Universal, the lessons gained and the friendships forged, will definitely be one that I'll always cherish. "

  • Engineer Icam Student

    Engineer Icam Student

    Charlotte Fleury, Engineer Icam Student, French - 2017.

    "The experience I had with ULC is most enriching. During my internship with Gubelin, my main duty is to focus on their CSR – a learning centre for young Myanmar refugee children. It was purely on a volunteer basis and I have taught the children on one side and provide some administrative work to improve their administration and operations. In the short time I have spent with them, I have learnt much and much thanks to the people I met here, it was an awesome experience of multicultural exchange both at United Learning Centre as well as at the most luxurious Gubelin boutique in Kuala Lumpur. It was quite funny to be working at the top as well as the bottom of the pyramid. Personally, I have gained so much. I have improved tremendously both my soft and hard skills. The world of high end luxury jewelry held dear to me and this valuable opportunity given to me, I have taken great advantage of the chance to learn about gemstones and jewelry. I wish to extend my personal gratitude and thanks to the MD , Miss Mink Ong for convincing me to do this internship and for taking personal time off to ensure I have achieve all that I wanted to achieve."

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