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A collection comprised primarily of earrings, Classique Parisienne is the essence of esthetic minimalism and femininity - the modern refashioning of the classic hoop.

Each piece in the collection has its own unique design, inspired by the essential shapes of geometry; straight lines and voluptuous arches reinterpreted with the opulence of gold and embellished with the brilliance of diamonds.

Geometry has never been more sensual than it is in this collection where the less is more trend is manifested and the lack of virtuosity serves to make the jewels even more precious.

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The Roman Barocco collection stems from the classic technique of Roberto Coin’s Barocco line – inspired by the beauty of the Italian city that the emperor Adrian consecrated as the Eternal City, cradle of all western culture.

The pieces in the collection were inspired by the architecture of Roman buildings and include two different looks with a common thread – the woven gold wire technique which is the leitmotif of the collections in the Barocco family.

On one hand, the design of curved sinuous lines inspired by the theatrical Roman cupolas stand out and on the other, Roberto Coin re-interprets a second look reminiscent of an artful light show typical of the Baroque era, using diamonds to create a spectacular optical effect.

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Pois Moi has always been considered one of Roberto Coin’s most incisive collections. In 2014 it was recognized as Best Italian Jewellery Collection in the world and today, is a brand icon and frequently plays a leading role on the pages of fashion and lifestyle magazines.

In the original version, the most conceptual, gold in its three colors is the supreme element of the collection. The high fashion second edition has a pave of diamonds that wraps each piece in divine opulence. The polka dot pattern is ultra-modern with a hint of vintage, inspired by the “television-shape” trend of the 1950’s.

Each Pois Moi piece celebrates the perfect blend of craftsmanship and technology, of contemporary fashion and vintage style. Not just jewellery but a veritable new mood to wear, genius and revolutionary.

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Walt Disney said that “fantasy can't become dated, for the simple reason that it represents a flight into a dimension that lies beyond the reach of time ” and the fantasy of becoming a princess has been a great classic for many generations.

So it was that Roberto Coin had no choice but to use the name Princess for the collection he dedicated to hardcore romantics in a modern world. Constructed like a fairytale in chapters of gold and framed with a weave of sparkling magic threads.

Each piece in the collection is as unique as the muse that inspired it. Polished gold and brushed gold alternate between romantic floral patterns and bolder looks and, following an antique noble tradition, hide a precious woven thread.

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