The jewels in the Love in Verona collection are part of the thread that connects the Roberto Coin brand to cities around Italy and takes us on a countrywide tour where the pieces become ambassadors of beauty. Everyone knows Verona as the city of Romeo and Juliet, a symbol of love in literature, but not everyone knows that Verona is home to a very special women’s club.

Since its foundation in 1930, the Juliet Club has hosted a group of women who read and answer the love letters that arrive, addressed to Juliet, from all over the world. Every letter that arrives is kept in an archive in the heart of Verona, an archive of love. This is the inspiration for the Love in Verona collection.

The design repeats the iconic four-petal flower, featured in the Princess collections, along the entire surface of the pieces. The repetition of the pattern is aesthetically evocative of the Arena of Verona, the architectural symbol of the city, and the series of arches that run all along its perimeter. The collection’s minimal look is developed in all of the colors of gold so that the pieces can be worn together for a total-look effect.

Princess flower

The small diamond flower used to decorate the pieces in Princess collection has been re-elaborated to take center stage in these blossoming jewels. From an ornamental detail, the flower has grown and bloomed, just as it would in nature.

The twisted thread that characterizes all of the family of Princess jewels is present in the internal structure of every flower, constructed like a veritable three-dimensional frame that supports the corolla, made of gold and precious stones that show off all of its nuances.

Making the Princess Flower jewels requires a perfect balance of the technology used to develop the internal structure of the pieces and the hands of the artisans who assemble the flowers, one by one, and decorate their petals.

Rock & Diamonds

To rock means to be vibrant and unconventional, to know how to combine grace with irreverence. Rock and Diamonds is for the woman who rebels against the conformity of style, who wears a leather jacket with her evening gown, who dresses in contrasts and dominates them all with elegance.

In Roberto Coin’s first hard rock collection, studs made of gold and jade mingle with the purity of diamonds in a single jewel. The design is meticulous with no colored stones or variations in shape. The same pattern is repeated over and over like a musical refrain.

Sexy when it plays with the sinuousness of the bracelets and rings and astute in the combination of earrings, Rock and Diamonds captures all the allure of the 80s and 90s rock scene and launches it into the universe of luxury.

Venetian Princess

The story that the Venetian Princess collection tells is a majestic fairy tale that has been passed along in the narrow alleyways of Venice, illuminated only by the reflection of lanterns on the water. All of the pieces in the collection preserve this secret tale.

On the outside, diamonds and other precious stones will captivate you with an enchanting pattern that evokes the decorations on the ancient palaces of Venice, and recalls the romantic look of all of the jewels in the Princess Family.

In this collection, more than ever, the iconic weave of gold threads hidden inside each jewel seems to be keeping a precious secret as it evokes the mystery that has always characterized the city of Venice.