Internship Testimonials

  • Engineer Icam Student

    Engineer Icam Student

    Charlotte Fleury, Engineer Icam Student, French - 2017.

    "The experience I had with ULC is most enriching. During my internship with Gubelin, my main duty is to focus on their CSR – a learning centre for young Myanmar refugee children. It was purely on a volunteer basis and I have taught the children on one side and provide some administrative work to improve their administration and operations. In the short time I have spent with them, I have learnt much and much thanks to the people I met here, it was an awesome experience of multicultural exchange both at United Learning Centre as well as at the most luxurious Gubelin boutique in Kuala Lumpur. It was quite funny to be working at the top as well as the bottom of the pyramid. Personally, I have gained so much. I have improved tremendously both my soft and hard skills. The world of high end luxury jewelry held dear to me and this valuable opportunity given to me, I have taken great advantage of the chance to learn about gemstones and jewelry. I wish to extend my personal gratitude and thanks to the MD , Miss Mink Ong for convincing me to do this internship and for taking personal time off to ensure I have achieve all that I wanted to achieve."

  • Cindy


    Liew Zhin Jie, Methodist College Kuala Lumpur - 2017.

    "My internship with Mystique Universal has been a truly amazing experience, although I only had a short period of time working here at Gubelin. I had neither experience nor knowledge about the jewellery industry but they accepted me warmly and taught me well. It was my first time experiencing the "behind the scenes" of working in a boutique, for example seeing how they display their jewellery every morning and do stock count. They exposed me to a lot of stuff while I was there like sales techniques, operations related work and how to be disciplined. They also gave me the opportunity to follow one of their staff to do a photo shoot featuring their jewellery. With this, they have exposed me to the marketing aspect of their fine jewellery. Lastly but most certainly not least, they taught me about gemstones and the big three; sapphire, ruby and emerald. I had a great time working here in Mystique Universal and it helped me find my passion to begin my career in the gem industry."

  • Farhah


    Farhah Syamilah, Taylor’s University, Kuala Lumpur, 2016.

    "My internship with Mystique Universal Sdn. Bhd was simply a wonderful learning experience. In the beginning, I didn’t know what to expect from interning at a retail sector, but I ended up enjoying every moment of my internship. The most important rule that I’ve learned throughout my internship was that to always be on your toes. There are some situations or tasks that you will face unexpectedly, but I’ve understood that these things are just a part of working experience. Sometimes the tasks may appear daunting but at the end, you will realize that you have the ability to accomplish it. Mystique Universal has also exposed me to the world of elitist and famous jewelry brands that I would have never thought to partake in. In addition, I was also able to gain knowledge about the inner workings of the jewelry industry and what I’ve learnt was just the tip of the iceberg. The experience was truly enriching and I wished I had the time to learn more. One of the other biggest advantages of working at Mystique Universal is the team. Their teamwork never fails to amaze me and I’m truly grateful for their willingness to guide me while I was there. All in all, my internship was amazing and I wished more people would discover this unique ‘gem’ in the near future."

  • Yip Siong

    Yip Siong

    Yip Siong - Taylor's College, Kuala Lumpur, 2014.

    "Right from the beginning, I knew this internship would be hard, time-and energy-consuming. Knowing that I will be interning in the retail sector, there is no escape from long working hours! Despite how much I rant about this, I love working here in Mystique Universal (MU). Throughout my experience in MU, I have learned a lot of stuff of what and what not to do in a certain situation, while enhancing both my skills and knowledge by learning them hands-on. Most importantly, I was able to apply what I have learned. many times I have to be on my toes to keep up with my tasks. This feeling of stuffiness lingered until I finally figured out that I was in for 3 months of roller coaster ride. My advice? Never say never :)"

  • Elnaz Golchereh

    Elnaz Golchereh

    Jewellery Designer, Raffles International College - Elnaz Golchereh.

    "There were activities performed during my internship such as marketing, sales shop event organizer, customer service. Boucheron organized some events during my internship, and I learnt important work experience from the processes. The knowledge that I gained from this internship was interesting because of the way that I thought about my major and the way that everything in this industry runs in reality was totally different from the one that had in my mind. I experienced the social interaction with both people working in this sector and customers including the marketing aspect of it, and the way they handled events."

  • Laura Irene Liew

    Laura Irene Liew

    Raflles International College - Laura Irene Liew 2010.

    "Working as an intern at Mystique Universal has been a superb learning experience. Throughout my internship there, I got to experience many kinds of responsibilities and tasks given to me. At first, I was shocked at the amount of trust and confidence they have in me. Then as I carried on, the people at Mystique Universal would guide me through each task, teaching me new things. An internship at Mystique Universal is all about new experiences because the company is true to its belief in fresh and talented young individuals and therefore, takes the time to teach and equip each intern with tools for when they come out to a real professional working life."

  • Andy Tabassi

    Andy Tabassi

    Andy Tabassi American. Internship with MUSB 2010.

    "For those that would like to experience teamwork, marketing/sales tactics, time management, and program execution, the internship provided by Mystique Universal, will be the best on the job training ever. I had a great time learning about the workplace such as being punctual, behavior towards clients and co-workers, and how to schedule events formally. Throughout my entire internship, I had a great time learning different information because of my co-workers and boss. Each employee at Mystique Universal company helped each other in coordinating events and finishing assignments. Their experience and easy atmosphere allowed the interns to become comfortable and to learn quickly. Teamwork was greatly appreciated and experienced during my internship. With each given assignment, the other interns and I utilized each other's skill in order to achieve what was asked. One person would perform a section or part of the objective and provide information for the others. When work became difficult and somebody was in need of assistance, the co-workers would be there to aid him or her. In the marketing area of the program, all of the interns attended meetings with extremely important officials in charge of major events. Interns are expected to take part in creating an environment of collaboration and cooperation, where at times helped each intern to be taken out of their comfort zone and participate in the planning and the conversation. With upcoming events nearing, time management became a crucial trait in which all interns had to learn how to coordinate different events while planning for future ones. The officials and interns all interact with each other in order to successfully conduct their planned events. Sales representatives had another lesson to be learned. Ms. Mink Ong educated all the interns and working staff to learn to take pride in what they sell, essentially using marketing and sales tactics. Marketing and sales tactics presented ideas on how to engage potential customers and encourage them to buy. Everyone learned background information about the brand of jewelry they were selling and everyone made an effort to incorporate what they learned in their sales pitch. Using that information on the brand names, we were able to make customers relate more with the product in order to introduce the need to buy from a familiar store. I hope that all new and upcoming interns experience "A Journey Through Time" because that event pushes everyone within Mystique Universal and other companies to work to their fullest potential. A Journey Through Time is, from a business perspective, an opportunity to create a large volume of sales in a short period of time. Many potential customers attend this prestigious event by invitation only. Interns will experience how each business prepares for the one-week extravaganza promotion. Program Execution was focused with extreme emphasis during this week because of the amount of potential sales. After all the planning, the interns had to learn when events were occurring, who would be in charge of what, and where everyone's position and responsibility should be. Both sales representatives and marketing team will be faced with many challenges that push them physically, mentally, and (for some) emotionally to their limits. The skills that the interns experienced in their first few weeks will be reinforced and tested during this busy occasion. Personally, my experience definitely changed my views on how business is being conducted. Since the jewelry stores (Boucheron, Van Cleef & Arpels, Carrera y Carrera etc.) are high-end brands, conduct and performance have a lofty standard. I learned the meaning of being punctual, behavior towards the boss, how to plan for contingencies, dress to impress, become open-minded to what the boss teaches, and how to engage in conversation with potential clients. These learned traits are meaningful because they do not just relate to the workplace, but they relate to life in general. I have learned more about business and life in this program than I would have in any other programs."

  • Kimmy Tan

    Kimmy Tan

    Monash University, Melbourne Australia. Kimmy Tan, 2010.

    "This was my first internship and already I have learned so many things, things that have been shown to separate this high-end industry from the rest. For example, how critical the precision of details is in every task, how we have to both predict the worse of outcomes and have a backup solution during events, how efficiency really matters, and even how important socializing is to enhance customer interactions. Books can only take you so far and this internship with Mystique Universal has been a superb real-life field experience."

  • Serena


    Raflles International College, United Kingdom Intern - Serena, 2010.

    "I only had a short time at Mystique Universal, but it was so enriching. I enjoyed every second and learnt so much from everyone. I assisted with 'A Journey Through Time IV" and now appreciate how much detail goes into event planning, not only in the weeks before but even on the day things can go wrong, and how easy it can be to deal with these things. I loved learning about jewellery and appreciated how willing everyone is to teach about marketing, sales and business. I wish I could have stayed longer."

  • Samantha Hwey

    Samantha Hwey

    Fashion Marketing and Management, Raffles International.

    "My internship with Mystique Universal is truly amazing. It enriched my jewelry and watch knowledge. It offered me an extraordinary working experience and knowledge out of my expectations. Their willingness to teach is extremely profitable to me.

  • Christy Chang

    Christy Chang

    Fashion Marketing and Management - Christy Chang, Indonesia, 2010.

    "The most important thing after you graduate is real-life experience in the field. Mystique Universal Sdn. Bhd. taught me a lot of details that can be applied in every industry, not just in high jewelery brands. For example, serving customers and dealing with problems that will arise within business circumstances. It is truly an amazing experience"

  • Sarah Veyrie

    Sarah Veyrie

    University Jean Moulin graduated in English, Chinese and International.

    "My internship with Mystique Universal Sdn. Bhd. was an extraordinary experience. Through this cross-cultural exchange, I have also discovered the luxury watch and jewelry industry in Malaysia. As I never had any experience in this industry, it was definitely an eye-opener for me and I have learnt so much about the beauty, knowledge and complexity of these exquisite jewelries and timepieces." Since I was stationed in Van Cleef & Arpels and Boucheron boutique most of the time... which are French brands, I am able to share and teach French culture to Mystique Universal team. It is extremely profitable to both me and the team."

  • Anne Teruel

    Anne Teruel

    French intern - Anne Teruel, 2009.

    "An internship with Mystique Universal is an enriching and gratifying experience, not only because it gives you an easy access to the very elitist world of high jewelry but also because it's a real opportunity to learn from people of a very different culture with a lifelong experience"

  • Koh Mei Ee

    Koh Mei Ee

    Fashion Marketing & Management - Koh Mei-Ee, 2008.

    "Working with Mystique Universal has been an experience to remember because of their successful integration and their willingness to teach. Interns are included in daily plannings and are able to observe and understand working environments from a professional point of view"

  • Danial Naim

    Danial Naim

    Canadian Matriculation, Sunway College, Danial Naim - 2008.

    "Mystique Universal offers much more than just the basics, you come out with enriched jewellery knowledge and a set of tools that enables you to handle yourself in everyday work experiences, especially customer interactions. At a high jewelery brand, there is always high expectations."