About Mystique Universal

Mystique Universal was established in 2006 and
manages international luxury brands

The company is a management company at its core, and operates in Starhill Gallery; Malaysia's most exclusively luxurious shopping destination.

Since its establishment, the company's focus has been to introduce some of the most exclusive, international luxury brands to the Malaysian market, specialising in high-end jewellery & watch brands.

Mystique Universal
Mystique Universal

Mystique Universal

The adventures
of a jewel in the world of gold

By Italian craftsmen who make it into a genuine, miniature work of art with a precious story to tell the world.

The fury of courage, the passion of love and vitality of hope are combined in a single, heartfelt message of goodwill hidden away in a little ruby.

  • Craftsmanship


    A perfect marriage of cutting edge technology, and centuries old techniques

  • The Ruby

    The Ruby

    The ancient world of legends held in a magical signature

  • Collections


    Over 900 pieces to choose from in our Kuala Lumpur boutique


  • Brand Presentation

    Brand Presentation

    In partnership with Standard Chartered Bank - Luncheon

  • CNY Celebration

    CNY Celebration

    CNY Celebration in conjunction with the visit of RC Area Sales Director - Mr Philip Grima


Intern Testimonials

  • Engineer Icam Student

    Engineer Icam Student

    Charlotte Fleury, Engineer Icam Student, French - 2017.

    "The experience I had with ULC is most enriching. During my internship with Gubelin, my main duty is to focus on their CSR – a learning centre for young Myanmar refugee children. It was purely on a volunteer basis and I have taught the children on one side and provide some administrative work to improve their administration and operations. In the short time I have spent with them, I have learnt much and much thanks to the people I met here, it was an awesome experience of multicultural exchange both at United Learning Centre as well as at the most luxurious Gubelin boutique in Kuala Lumpur. It was quite funny to be working at the top as well as the bottom of the pyramid. Personally, I have gained so much. I have improved tremendously both my soft and hard skills. The world of high end luxury jewelry held dear to me and this valuable opportunity given to me, I have taken great advantage of the chance to learn about gemstones and jewelry. I wish to extend my personal gratitude and thanks to the MD , Miss Mink Ong for convincing me to do this internship and for taking personal time off to ensure I have achieve all that I wanted to achieve."

  • Cindy


    Liew Zhin Jie, Methodist College Kuala Lumpur - 2017.

    "My internship with Mystique Universal has been a truly amazing experience, although I only had a short period of time working here at Gubelin. I had neither experience nor knowledge about the jewellery industry but they accepted me warmly and taught me well. It was my first time experiencing the "behind the scenes" of working in a boutique, for example seeing how they display their jewellery every morning and do stock count. They exposed me to a lot of stuff while I was there like sales techniques, operations related work and how to be disciplined. They also gave me the opportunity to follow one of their staff to do a photo shoot featuring their jewellery. With this, they have exposed me to the marketing aspect of their fine jewellery. Lastly but most certainly not least, they taught me about gemstones and the big three; sapphire, ruby and emerald. I had a great time working here in Mystique Universal and it helped me find my passion to begin my career in the gem industry."

  • Farhah


    Farhah Syamilah, Taylor’s University, Kuala Lumpur, 2016.

    "My internship with Mystique Universal Sdn. Bhd was simply a wonderful learning experience. In the beginning, I didn’t know what to expect from interning at a retail sector, but I ended up enjoying every moment of my internship. The most important rule that I’ve learned throughout my internship was that to always be on your toes. There are some situations or tasks that you will face unexpectedly, but I’ve understood that these things are just a part of working experience. Sometimes the tasks may appear daunting but at the end, you will realize that you have the ability to accomplish it. Mystique Universal has also exposed me to the world of elitist and famous jewelry brands that I would have never thought to partake in. In addition, I was also able to gain knowledge about the inner workings of the jewelry industry and what I’ve learnt was just the tip of the iceberg. The experience was truly enriching and I wished I had the time to learn more. One of the other biggest advantages of working at Mystique Universal is the team. Their teamwork never fails to amaze me and I’m truly grateful for their willingness to guide me while I was there. All in all, my internship was amazing and I wished more people would discover this unique ‘gem’ in the near future."

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